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bill alvstad

is your friendly American voice actor. As a trained actor, he can create multiple  takes, each with different  emotions, attitudes, inflections, and emphasis.
My voice and reads have been described as:

Neutral American, Authentic, Direct, Natural, Believable, Conversational, Warm, Textured, Raspy, Sincere, Trustworthy , Fun, Wry, Comedic, Like the dad-next-door, Passionate, Caring, Fatherly, Authoritative, Dramatic, Sexy

Bill has a professional approach to your business, your projects, and brands. Bill has over 30 years of experience owning his own business. He knows what it takes to deliver the goods right the first time, so you’ll continue to come back again and again. Every customer, every time.

Fun fact

Bill has produced and hosted more than 575 episodes of his show, the Seahawks Playbook Podcast.

The show currently gets more than 25,000 downloads and views per month while covering the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks.


Commercial VO:   TV / Radio / Digital / Automotive / Political Ads

Narration VO:  Documentary / E-Learning / Medical / Corporate / Political VO / Audio Books
TV Narration / Documentary:
Crime & Drama, Children’s Entertainment, Nature, History, Cooking, Reality

Promos: Movies / TV / Radio / Digital
Movie Trailers, Video Game Trailers

Radio Imaging: Hot AC, CHR/Top 40, Sports, News & Talk. Call Signs, Slogans, Bumpers, Sweepers & Promos
 Podcast Hosting, Automotive, High Tech, Financial Services, Healthcare, Sports, Film


  • Professionally treated home recording studio available.
  • Microphone: ElectroVoice RE20, Rode K2
  • Audio Interface: Presonus Studio 24C
  • Sound Processing: dbx 286s mic pre-amp processer.
  • Mic Activator: CL-1 Cloudlifter
  • Recording Software: NCH Mixpad Multi-Track Recording, Videopad Video Editing, Wavepad Sound Editing, Audacity.

professional training

  • Such a Voice training program
          – Professional Coursework including Technique, Pre and Post Studio Production, Sound Editing, Home Studio, Marketing.
  • Voice Acting
          – Additional formal training hours with Voice Actor and Coach Tim Powers. Tim has more than 20 years of experience in the industry as a working actor. Clients include Disney, Netflix, Square Enix Games and countless others.
  • Podcast Producer/Host
          – Bill has written, hosted and produced over 575 podcast episodes during the last 7 years and has had dozens of guest appearances on other shows. Find the show on YouTube: Seahawks Playbook Podcast YouTube Channel
  • Business Owner
          – 30+ years owning and operating successful companies, primarily in the space of sales, marketing and promotion.

When you work with Bill, you work with someone who understands your business needs, and will deliver your projects on time and on budget. Every customer, every time.


Bill Alvstad

Bill understands that Grit, compassion, and loyalty are not attributes by name only. Those are pillars and foundations you live by. Living and working authentically is the river that runs through his entire life. It shows up again and again in his personal and professional life.

From placing 3rd in the nation as a young athlete in the Jesse Owens Track Classic, to being a 4-time men’s fastpitch baseball World Series Tournament MVP. From starting and running a successful company for over 25 years, to creating a sports podcast from the ground up to producing and recording over 575 episodes of that show over the last 8 years.

Family is also very important. He has successfully raised two beautiful children, ages 29 and 18. Megan has a successful real estate career in Phoenix, Arizona and Logan is in his senior year in high school focused on getting to college next fall.

Bill has always been successfully branding and rebranding himself. It’s time again to launch something new and creative. A voice career was a natural progression from being in front, as host of his successful pro football podcast for the Seattle Seahawks. Building off that success is a great opportunity to expand into the world of creating Voice Overs. Lending his voice to commercial and narration projects, as well as promo work. The work ahead will be challenging and fun, but if history is a guide, Bill will use that grit, compassion, and loyalty to build a successful voice career as well. Let’s have fun!


Bill Alvstad



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